Leon and Sully!

Want a dog that responds to hand motions and a cat willing to be dressed up?! Then Leon and Sully are for you. Read about them below and then meet them at The Humane Educational Society!


This sweet fella is deaf……mostly, partially, we’re not exactly sure. He, does, however, know and respond very well to hand signals. His SIT IS ON POINT 😉  He does DOWN and will give you his paw for a SHAKE! This boy is super smart and VERY TREAT MOTIVATED so will be easy to train more commands using hand signals. Leon does need some more work with his leash training. He seems to think the leash is a tug toy, and his favorite game ever is tug-of-war. Leon is a sweet wiggly fella who simply wants security and a happy home with someone who has experience with deaf dogs OR is committed to working with a trainer so that you both can have the best relationship possible. If you think you might be the perfect fit for Leon, come meet him today at the Humane Educational Society.


This cute brown tabby is Sully. Sully is just a little shy, but give him a little time to acclimate and he’ll soon be your best friend. He has the cutest, biggest chipmunk cheeks. You just want to squeeze and kiss them for days. And I believe he’ll let you. Sully does very well around other cats and doesn’t mind if they curl up near him. He can be held and cuddled forever. And he even let us dress him up as a pirate just for fun. It was fun for us, at least. If you look at his picture, he doesn’t seem to be enjoying it but he was a good sport. At eight years old, Sully would be a very good kitty companion for just about anyone. He’s just purrfect! Come adopt him today from the Humane Educational Society.

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