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BAHAKEL ENTERTAINMENT presents the Valentine’s Day treat Love is ON THE AIR, broadcasting and streaming on Bahakel Communications stations across the southeast. This exciting one-hour special is hosted by celebrities Jeff Sutphen and Charity Bailey. You’ll see all kinds of twists, turns and surprises – from a jaw-dropping-can’t-believe-that-just-happened marriage proposal – to a mini game show! Watch as Jeff and Charity compete against each other to see how well they know celebrity couples. We’ll even put two couples to the test to see who knows their mate better.

And what would a love show be without America’s favorite game show host Bob Eubanks from The Newlywed Game! The iconic star hosted nearly 16,000 couples on his show. “I found out doing The Newlywed Game that whoopie is a four-letter word… LOVE. And I’m proud to be apart of Love is ON THE AIR,” said Eubanks.

Love is ON THE AIR features a relationship expert answering your questions like: Should you go Dutch on the first date? Who makes the first move? And… finding the right time to say, “I love you.”

“Bahakel Communications is committed to producing unique, top quality entertainment programming,” said Beverly Bahakel, CEO of Bahakel Communications and Bahakel Entertainment. “Our company is committed to expanding our reach into entertainment, sports and digital products like Love is ON THE AIR. What better way to launch our new network than talking about love!”

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