Madeline and Novac!

Read about our precious pets below and then meet them at The Humane Educational Society! Choose from one of the hundreds of animals who need forever homes. You can’t go wrong!


Our Wet Nose Wednesday kitty is a gorgeous little girl named Madeline. Madeline can be a bit shy when she first meets you, but let her get comfortable with you and she’ll soon come out of her shell. Madeline is 3.5 years old, so she’s at an age where she is still playful and energetic at times but doesn’t get into too much mischief. Madeline’s favorite pastime is cuddling. She enjoys being picked up and snuggled. She also enjoys snuggling up in your lap for a catnap. Madeline wouldn’t mind having another mellow cat at home, but she probably would not like to have a bunch of kitty siblings. She just wants a quiet home where she can live a quiet life. If Madeline sounds like your purrfect match, come adopt her today!


This cute little pup is Novac, a 9-month-old Lab/Basset mix. Novac is Mr. Personality. He’s outgoing, loving, playful, and just one happy guy. Novac loves going for walks or getting out to play. He especially loves playing with other dogs. He just wants to romp, run, and wrestle. He’s also a lovebug who will snuggle with you once playtime is over. Novac is always happy to meet new people and make new friends. He’s also kind of a small guy at just under 30 pounds, so he might be great for someone who lives in an apartment. And did we mention that Novac is friggin’ adorable? Because he is. Just check out that smiling face and you’ll be under his spell.

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