Mom steals the show for TV reporter on location.

Chattanooga, TN – Pulse
Footage of a reporter in Ohio has gone viral after his mom dropped by while he was working. Myles Harris is a reporter for WSYX in the Columbus area, and was prepping for a live segment along the side of a busy road on Tuesday (February 22nd), chatting with his cameraman, when his mom drove up. Harris didn’t realize his cameraman was recording, and threw his arms up in exasperation, saying, “That’s my mom, hold on.” His mom’s car then rolls into view and she excitedly yells out the window, “Hi, baby!” while the cameraman laughs. Harris good-naturedly gives his mom a hard time for calling his phone a few minutes earlier, and introduces her to the cameraman before telling her “Don’t be holdin’ up traffic, ‘cause you got cars behind you.” His mom then drove away, and that’s when Harris realizes the whole interaction was recorded. The video has since gone viral on Instagram with over 745,000 views.

Photo by Sam McGhee on Unsplash