Orange & Delilah!

Adopt, foster, donate….do whatever you can to help the Humane Educational Society, which is taking in so many extra animals due to hurricanes Irma and Harvey!

Here are two precious pets who need our help:


You probably think a cat named Orange would be, well, an orange tabby. Right? Wrong! We here at the Humane Educational Society like to be different, so the cat we named Orange is a Calico. She does have some beautiful orange markings, so we’re at least not totally crazy! When Orange first came to the shelter, she was a very shy girl. With a little love from the staff and volunteers, she has blossomed in to her true affectionate and outgoing self. She now has no problem coming to you and asking for treats and petting. The secret to winning this 4-year-old’s heart is with lots of treats. Once she knows you have them, she’ll be all over you. She will even head bump your hand for more treats! Orange is also pretty good with other cats, though she prefers more mellow feline friends. We know you’ll fall in love with Orange once you meet her, so come adopt her today!


Any of you dog lovers looking to find a dog with spirit and enthusiasm for life need to come meet Delilah. This one-year-old Lab/Terrier mix is playful, exuberant, and just full of joy. Delilah loves to run and play. Just take her out into the play yard and she’ll run laps with a big goofy grin on her doggy face. Although she does enjoy some affection, Delilah’s real joy comes from being out and about, exploring, and going on adventures with her people. She’s also pretty good with other dogs and would probably be happy with a canine pal at home. She can be a bit rambunctious when playing, so she’ll need a sibling with equal energy and play style. If you’re the type of person who likes to get up and go and could use a canine companion, come meet Delilah today!

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