Patti Sanders – Ugh, what’s for dinner?!

I wish I was a good cook. I guess I just never paid attention to my Grandma when she was trying to teach me, a LONG time ago! Oh well, I’m no different from any other Mom/Wife who has to come up with something for dinner every night. Thank goodness my husband doesn’t mind if I experiment on him with new recipes.. I did make what was supposed to be a creamy chicken and rice soup in the crockpot last weekend, but .. how do I say this… it didn’t end up looking like the picture.. I AM going to try that one again, and I’ll adjust a little bit – more chicken broth here, less carrots there. Because I really want that creamy chicken and rice soup! If you have a tasty and easy recipe I could try, please let me hear from you.   @PattiSanders923 … And THANKS! Patti

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