Take a leap into foster care!

At any given time, there are nearly 1,000 children in Hamilton and the seven surrounding counties in state custody due to abuse, abandonment, delinquency, and neglect. There is a tremendous need for loving foster families to care for these children while their biological families work towards a plan of reunification.

Fran and her husband Joey are one of Chambliss Center for Children’s special foster families. Having been in a wonderful foster home briefly as a child, Fran knew she wanted to provide a caring, stable environment for other children in need. It was her way of giving back. Joey was a little hesitant in the beginning, but once they went through training and learned about the situations some of these children live in, he knew they could truly make a difference in a child’s life.

“I would never say fostering is easy, but I have never regretted it,” said Fran. “It was a big commitment, and there was a learning curve in the beginning, but we persisted and have had some truly wonderful experiences. We want the children we foster to leave our home knowing they were, and always will be, loved.”

Fran and Joey began fostering in 2012, adopted a brother and sister in 2016, and continue to foster through Chambliss Center for Children. Please visit our blog at https://chamblisscenter.com/foster-care-chattanooga-tn/blog to learn why others decided to take the leap and become foster parents. For more information on fostering, please call us at 423-693-2580 or email fostercare@chamblisscenter.org.

James & Marta