Top 20 Music Duos EVER – Patti Sanders

I’m looking on the web and I come across the Rolling Stone Magazine list of “The 20 greatest duos of all time”. Here are just a few.  See what YOU think..  #19 it’s Ashford and Simpson (Solid Like A Rock);  #18 Sonny and Cher;   #14 Sam And Dave (I’m a Soul Man); #10 on the list is The Carpenters (brother/sister act from the late 70s and early 80s, Karen and Richard);  #3 it’s Simon and Garfunkel;  #2 Ike and Tina Turner; and THE top music duo ever, at least on this list from Rolling Stone Magazine…#1 The Everly Brothers… (I can’t find Hall and Oates on the list anywhere.). Let me know your thoughts, and thanks for listening to Sunny 92.3.. Patti Sanders or @PattiSanders923

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