Want to receive more love than you could ever give?

Then check out our adorable Wet Nose Wednesday pets this week on our website and then meet them at the Human Educational Society! Who could resist a Kit & Kat?! Or our sweet 1-year-old Shepherd mix Julian?

Kit & Kat

This week we have a matching set of gray tabbies for you. Their names are Kit and Kat and they are siblings and best friends. If you come to visit them in the free-roaming cat room, you will likely find them curled up together on top of the cat tree, snuggling and napping. Once they realize they have company, though, they will be wide awake, meowing and chirping for you to come give them attention. You can’t help but smile when you see them together. Just check out their video to see how much they love one another. We would love for someone to adopt them together – it will be double the fun and double the love! Come meet these gorgeous girls today at the Humane Educational Society.




Now this handsome fella is Julian, our Wet Nose Wednesday dog, and he’s going to make someone a wonderful companion. Julian is soooo outgoing and loving that he’s sure to steal your heart. When you take him into the play yard, he will come right to you and lean in for some snuggling. He loves to be petted and will put his fuzzy little paws on your lap as a sign that he doesn’t want you to stop. It would be hard for anyone to find a sweeter, gentler boy this 1-year-old Shepherd mix. If you would like to have a canine pal to snuggle up with, come meet Julian today at the Humane Educational Society.

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