Wet Nose Wednesday

Wet Nose Wednesday


Happy Wet Nose Wednesday! This is a  VERY special Wet Nose Wednesday because this Wednesday this is our dynamic-duos. We have two sets of pets that have bonded together while staying at the Humane Educational Society. Get ready, we are going to tell you about two little kittens who have been together since almost birth who have been life long fur-friends and two old dogs who have become big buds at HES Chatt.


George McFly 40277347 and Marty McFly 40277348

Say hello to the McFlys! George and Marty are a bonded pair of German Shepherd mixes. George is approximately 10 years old, while Marty is around 5 years old. These guys are very best friends. Where one goes, the other wants to go as well. Even though they may be older dogs, they have plenty of get-up-and-go. They absolutely love getting out to the play yard to run with their doggy friends. Their favorite thing to do is run zoomies then jump into the kiddie pool then run more zoomies! Both George and Marty are on the shy side, so they need an owner who can be patient and loving with them. Once they trust you, they are very gentle and affectionate. George and Marty have been waiting quite a while to find their forever home, so please consider opening your heart and home to them today. They are totally worth it!


Gilly 41629102 and Daenarys 41629098

Gilly and Daenarys are sisters and best girlfriends. These two cute 4-month-old kittens would love to be adopted together. Both are very playful. They love to chase each other and practice their stealthy ninja-cat wrestling moves on each other. After a friendly wrestling match, they just want to snuggle up together for a nice nap. It’s super adorable to see these two cuddled up and grooming one another. Of course, they won’t mind if you want to join in and do some snuggling with them as well. Come adopt Gilly and Daenarys together and take home double the fun and love.

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