Wet Nose Wednesday

Wet Nose Wednesday


It’s Wet Nose Wednesday in Chattanooga with Sunny and The Humane Educational Society! We’re excited to introduce you to these two cuties from with some pretty unique names. From the deep blue ocean to the starry sky, the love you’ll have for these fur babies will go all the way! The Humane Educational Society is always looking out for our pets. They are having a clinic this weekend (8/31) where you can get your dog or cat up-to-date on their vaccinations.


Pearl 41945098

One-year-old Pearl might be a little reserved at first, but she’s really a super easy girl. She’s very affectionate and enjoys getting attention as well. Pearl does well with other cats and would probably enjoy being adopted into a home with other kitties she can befriend. Not only is Pearl a great companion for people and other cats, she also has a playful streak. Just get a wand toy out for her and she can’t resist! She’s pretty much a purrfect feline, so come adopt her today!


Neptune 40994155

Neptune is a big 9-month-old Shepherd pup. This guy is full of the puppy joys of life!! He loves to play, chase tennis balls and splash around in the pool . . . basically, everything we wish we could do all day instead of work! Since he’s still a young ‘un, he needs some training and a good leader to help him learn some manners so he can grow in to a well-behaved adult. With just a little training and some love, Neptune will make someone a loyal, loving, and fun canine companion.


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