Wet Nose Wednesday

Wet Nose Wednesday


Happy Wet Nose Wednesday from Sunny 92.3 and the Humane Educational Society. These two pets need homes and have been at the Humane Educational Society for some time now. Read their profiles, volunteer, donate or adopt! Let’s meet this weeks pets!



Chloe 42152668

Chloe is one beautiful girl. She’s 5 years old and waiting for her forever home. To be honest, Chloe is not suited to shelter life. She wants to be loved and adored, but being in the kennel makes her a bit crabby. She may not exactly show well at the shelter. She may be a bit temperamental. Or she may just be a sassy cat after all. She has bestowed affection on some volunteers, so we know she has it in her. Maybe she just needs the right person to take her home and let her be herself. Maybe that person is you . . .



Ada 42633631

Ada is a 3-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix. Since she’s quite spunky and energetic, she would enjoy a home where she gets plenty of exercise, both mental and physical. Ada will be a loyal and loving companion for some lucky person. She’s super cute, too. Her big, goofy smile pretty much shows her fun-loving personality.

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