Wet Nose Wednesday

Wet Nose Wednesday


Happy Wet Nose Wednesday Chattanooga, Cleveland and North Georgia! We have a treat for you; two sweet animal’s looking to love YOU unconditionally! These two furries have been at the Humane Educational Society for too long and are patiently waiting for you, or maybe someone you know, to adopt them! Read over their profiles and see if we can make a match!



Anderson 42374385

Anderson is a 1.5-year-old orange and white kitty. We know Anderson sounds like the name of a male cat, but in this case it isn’t so. Anderson is actually a sweet little girl. She’s outgoing and super snuggly. She likes to give you little nudges with her head when she wants your attention, but she is so gentle about it. Anderson gets along with the other cats and often enjoys a good cuddle with them as well. She’s just an all-around sweetheart and will make someone a wonderful feline friend.



Dusty 42341900

Dusty is a little old senior who needs a forever home. He’s about 8 years old and is probably a Retriever/Beagle mix. Since he weighs under 30 pounds, he may be a perfect pet for apartment living. Dusty is a gentle old soul who loves going for easy, leashed walks and then doing some snuggling afterwards. He likes going for car rides and doing anything that will allow him to be with his people. Dusty has one of the sweetest smiles you’ll see, and you’ll definitely want to come see it in person. Then you can even adopt him and make him part of your family!

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