Wet Nose Wednesday

Wet Nose Wednesday


We are finally getting some much needed rain in Chattanooga today on Wet Nose Wednesday, powered by Sunny 92.3 and of course our friends at the Humane Education Society! We have two sweet fur-friends who are looking for homes. These two sweeties have been stuck at the Humane Educational Society for far too long. Come by and pay them a visit, drop by some supplies for them or better yet TAKE THEM HOME FOREVER!



Tonka 40526565

Tonka is a sweet boy who has been at the shelter for 10 months. He came in as a stray and has been through a lot, including heartworm treatment here at HES, but he still manages to keep a happy, loving attitude. Tonka loves people. He enjoys going for walks, learning new commands for treats, and snuggling. Tonka is great with people, but we know he isn’t really fond of cats or most other dogs. He would be much happier in a home where he’s your one and only pet. Tonka is 6 years old, so he’s at a nice age where he’s over his mischievous puppy ways and is just ready to enjoy the simple life. He’s not asking for much, just a loving home with nice meals and a warm bed. In return, he’ll give you all his love.



Largo 42763344

Largo may have come to us as a stray, but it’s obvious someone owned this cat at one point in his life because he’s so darn sweet! We think Largo is about 6 years old, which is the perfect kitty age for napping in the sun and snuggling. Since he’s long-haired and fluffy, you’ll probably want to grab him up and give him some hugs. From what we’ve seen here, he won’t mind it a bit! He loves being with people, is very affectionate, and is happy to curl up beside you to snuggle. He likes to talk to you and has a great meow. Rumor has it he even gets along with dogs. Come meet this lovebug today!



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