Wet Nose Wednesday

Wet Nose Wednesday


Happy Wet Nose Wednesday Chattanooga, Cleveland, North Georgia and everywhere in between! We are so excited to bring you two sweet pets that are in need of a good home. Their current home is 212 N. Highland Park Ave., where you can visit them and all of their friends at the shelter, but their forever home is hopefully with YOU! Let’s meet your new best friend.



Rhudy 38689681

Rhudy is a beautiful, gentle 6-year-old. He’s not the most outgoing cat around. He’s just right there, out in the open, waiting for someone to call his name. If you do, he’ll usually answer you back with a loud MEOWWW. Rhudy will be glad to jump on your lap at any single given moment. All you need do is give him the word and he’ll happily be all over you! He is a terrific lap cat. Rhudy does well around other cats. Sometimes the high energy, pesky kittens who want to bounce off him get on his nerves and he’ll yell at them. Other than that, he seems just find curling up with other cats for some afternoon naps. It’s very possible Rhudy wouldn’t mind a calm pup sibling either. Come meet Rhudy, call his name, put him on your lap and fall in love. He would be great therapy for anyone needing to chill out.



Adalaide 42496294

Adalaide is one loving pup! She’s a 2-year-old Bulldog mix who has mad cuddling skills. Adalaide loves people and other dogs. She has a wonderful, loving, gentle personality. She’s just the kind of dog who is perfect for snuggling up under a blanket with you while you read a book or binge watch some television. Adalaide knows how to enjoy every moment to its fullest. She is always up for a nice walk or some play time. Adalaide does well with other dogs and would probably be happy having some canine siblings in her new home. She’s pretty much the perfect pet! Adalaide is currently in a foster home, so please contact foster@heschatt.org to schedule a meet-and-greet.


The Humane Educational Society is always helping out pets in the community and the last Saturday of every month they hold Vaccine Clinics! This Saturday, 10/26, they have a clinic from 2-4 pm at Soddy Elementary. This is the last one of the year so don’t miss out! Click here for all the info on Vaccine Clinics.

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