Wet Nose Wednesday

Wet Nose Wednesday


Happy Wet Nose Wednesday! Last week on the show we discussed dressing up pets for Halloween. James said absolutely not, but Kim and Natalie liked the idea! We opened up the phone lines and the vote was tremendously in favor for dressing up our pets! These two precious fur babies are looking for just that.. someone to love and spend their holidays with. Maybe Max or Ravine could be that match for you and your family. The costumes though are totally up to you!!



Max 42376230

Max is a smart, energetic 1.5-year-old dog looking for a forever home that has the time and energy to enable him to progress his enthusiasm for learning. He is a sweet boy who knows a few tricks and is eager to show them off in exchange for treats. He will sit before being asked to and will pounce into a ‘lay down’ command as fast as he can! He has a great smile and is a loving boy. Max is very playful with other dogs, but as he is a confident young boy, he is not likely to be suited to a home with a dominant dog. If you have another dog at home, a meet and greet would be organized to ensure Max would be a suitable match.



Ravine 42411267

Ravine is a beautiful 6-month-old kitty. She is always eager to say hello when you come up to her. She usually greets you with a soft “meow.” Ravine enjoys being petted and getting attention, but she’s definitely not the kind of kitty who likes to be picked up and snuggled. She’ll come to you when she is ready for snuggling. She’s front declawed, her front feet seem a little sensitive. Because she is front declawed, she MUST be an indoor-only cat.

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