Wet Nose Wednesday

Wet Nose Wednesday



Jett 42618522

Jett is probably one of the sweetest kitties you’ll ever meet and he’s all about some snuggling. Jett is the kind of cat who will run to the door to greet you when you come home. He would be there for you to pick up and give a hug and cuddle with if you’ve had a hard day. He would let you cuddle him if you’ve had a good day, too. Jett is a little over 2 years old, so he’s the perfect age – not too rambunctious but not too set his ways. He’s also super cute and gets along well with other cats. Come adopt him today!



Poe 42964947

Poe is an 8-month-old Boxer mix with tons of personality. Her ideal forever home is one where she can get plenty of exercise and play time. She would probably do great as a jogging or running partner. Since she’s on the younger side and still very energetic, she could use some basic obedience training to help her settle down and focus. Poe is very intelligent and will learn quickly. Poe has lots of friends in doggy play group, so she might enjoy some canine pals in her new home. Come meet Poe today and make her your new family member!

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