Wet Nose Wednesday

Wet Nose Wednesday


The Humane Educational society is doing something AMAZING for Christmas. They are sending their pets, stuck at the shelter, home for the holidays! Usually an adoption fee runs anywhere from $25-$85 but for Christmas they want cats and dogs to go HOME! Now through December 14th, all animals in the shelter are $25! So now’s your chance to take advantage and take one of these wonderful pets home.



Clyde 42140327

Clyde is a super handsome 5-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix with a wonderful smile and great personality. He adores being with people and can’t wait to find his forever family. Whether he’s going for walks or snuggling, Clyde is always happy to be around his human friends. Another thing Clyde enjoys is playing with his pals in dog play group. While he may be a bit selective and not get along with every dog, Clyde has made some great doggy friends and can’t wait to get out to romp with them. You may think that a chunky 5-year-old can’t be spunky, but Clyde still has plenty of get-up-and-go. Clyde would love to go home with you in time for the holidays, so come adopt him today!



Luna 42574116

Luna is a beautiful Tortoiseshell with distinctive markings. The photos don’t do her justice, so you definitely need to come see her in person. Luna can be a bit shy at first. Once you start petting her, though, she doesn’t take long to decide that she loves the attention. She will paw at you and nudge you with her nose so that you will keep petting her. Sometimes she even gets a little excited and will give you a little love nibble. If you know cats, you know that getting love nibbles is a very high honor! Luna seems to get along with other mellow cats and may do well in a home with some feline friends. Come give Luna the loving home she deserves and make her holidays happy!

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