Wet Nose Wednesday

Wet Nose Wednesday


Happy Wednesday from the Humane Educational Society and Sunny 92.3. We know the first week back to work or school can be RUFF. So let’s take a break and look at our pets this week. Because who can resist these cuties?


Xander 43209167

Xander is a beautiful, 2-year-old black cat with fur so shiny you’ll want to know his hair care secrets. Not only is he handsome, but he is super sweet and loves to cuddle, too! Sometimes he acts “fake-shy” but give him a minute to warm up because Xander is SUPER people friendly. If you bend over he’ll even jump on your back and hang out. Xander would love a forever home where he can show off his silly, affectionate personality. He’s even pretty good with the other cats and probably wouldn’t mind some feline friends in his new home. We think Xander is the cat’s meow!


Mango 43459733

Mango is one super cute guy! He’s a 1-year-old Shepherd/Husky mix, and he’s looking for love! Mango is such a sweetheart. He is always happy to meet new people and make new friends. He is a rock star in play groups, engaging all the other dogs in play and just having tons of fun with his canine pals. He’s energetic, outgoing, and playful. Mango would enjoy a home where he can get out and play, go for nice walks or hikes, then do some snuggling when the day is done. All in all, he’s just a terrific pup!

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