Wet Nose Wednesday

Wet Nose Wednesday



Oscar 43119146

Oscar is a 7-year-old sweet senior Lab mix. He’s a great size since he weighs right around 40 pounds. Even though he’s considered a senior dog, Oscar still has some spunk! He likes to play with his toys, but his absolute favorite thing to do is hang out with his people. Whether going for walks or snuggling, Oscar thinks everything is better when he’s with people he loves. If your idea of the perfect pet is an older, smaller guy who will adore you, then Oscar is perfect for you!



Spicy 42210284

Spicy is a 1-year-old cat with just the right amount of cattitude to live up to his name. While Spicy doesn’t enjoy being picked up, held, or sometimes even petted, he’s still fun to be around. Just get a wand toy out for him and he’ll play and keep both you and himself entertained. He doesn’t seem to mind being around other pleasant cats. Since Spicy is a self-respecting guy who doesn’t really want to be a spoiled lap cat, he might make a good “working” cat who will keep your house pest and rodent free. If you think you might be interested in a cat who likes to earn his living, come see about adopting Spicy!

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