Wet Nose Wednesday

Wet Nose Wednesday



Persia 43883374

Persia is just gorgeous! He’s a 2-year-old Retriever mix with fluffy blonde fur and a cute smile. Persia definitely enjoys being with people. He will probably sit right in your lap if you let him. He’s also a smart guy and already knows how to sit on command. We think he would be quick to learn other commands and tricks as well with just a little training. Persia is playful and energetic. He wants to play with other dogs but lacks some manners, so we would want to do a meet-and-greet if you have other pets just to make sure they can be happy together. Persia seems to be an all-around good guy, so come meet him today.



Pixie 41284064

Pixie is one pretty girl! She has nice tabby stripes and big green eyes that will attract your attention right away. Pixie is a girl with a bit of cattitude, so don’t plan to take her home and snuggle her or dress her up like a doll. She likes to be petted, but she’s quick to let you know when she’s had enough. The fun thing about Pixie is that she likes to play pretty much all day with toys. Whether you are playing with toys with her or just watching her entertain herself, she’s just a blast. Pixie seems to prefer being your one-and-only kitty companion, so probably a home with no other cats will suit her best. Definitely come meet this spunky gal today and see for yourself how playful she is.

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