Wet Nose Wednesday

Wet Nose Wednesday



Kristi 42125637

Today we want to feature a dog who is special to many of our staff and volunteers. This1.5-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix is Kristi, and she just can’t wait to find her forever home. Kristi is super sweet and loving with people. She simply adores being petted and being with her favorite folks. Kristi is one strong girl, and she’s going to need an equally strong leader to be her owner. She will need plenty of regular physical and mental exercise to keep her healthy and happy. Some volunteers have been working with Kristi to teach her some basic commands, manners, and patience. Kristi is an attentive and smart girl, so she enjoys learning and bonding with her people. Right now Kristi shows reactivity to other animals, so she needs to go to a home without other pets. Because Kristi needs strong leadership and a little extra work to help her adoption be seamless and successful, we are providing whomever adopts this sweet girl a couple of sessions with a private trainer.



King Lear 43926735

King Lear is our resident Man-Diva. Once you see him, you are going to love him and want to pick him up to hug and squeeze him. If you try it, he’s going to probably tell you to back off because his beauty is to be admired, not touched. He did allow us to take a photo of him wearing a hat, but we don’t recommend trying this at home! King Lear may be the kind of cat who shows his love just by allowing you to be in his presence. If you are a true cat person, you’ll know that is a high honor. We’re not sure how King Lear feels about other cats, but we suspect he may want to be your one and only.

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