Wet Nose Wednesday

Wet Nose Wednesday 



Jethro 43833992

This handsome boy is Jethro. He’s about one year old and is probably a Cattle Dog/Pit Bull mix. Jethro is full of energy. He loves going for long walks and going out to play. While he seems a bit rowdy in his kennel, we have found that he calms down and is quite well-mannered and a good walker once he’s away from the hustle and bustle of the shelter. We think Jethro would be a great companion for someone who likes to get out for walks, runs, or hikes. He definitely has the get-up-and-go to keep up with someone who has an active lifestyle. Jethro has a great smile and is super cute, so make an appointment to meet him today!



Tiberius Rex 43434259

Tiberius Rex is a big, sweet 3-year-old orange tabby. He is great with people and is always happy to accept love and pets from you. As a matter of fact, he will rub his face right into your hand to demand more attention! He just can’t seem to get enough affection. Tiberius Rex has a big, wonderful purr when he is happy. It is sure to make you smile when you hear it. He has big, chubby cheeks that you’ll want to pinch. Tiberius will make a great cuddle companion, and right now we all could use some love. Make an appointment so you can adopt him today!

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