Wet Nose Wednesday

Wet Nose Wednesday



Dolly 43494926

If you love hound dogs and love seniors, we have the perfect pet for you. This gorgeous gal is Dolly, and she is an 11-year-old Treeing Walker Coonhound. Dolly likes going for walks and has wonderful leash manners. Another of Dolly’s favorite things to do is lie out in the sunshine and nap like a cat. Dolly has that fabulous coonhound baying bark, which is always fun if you love your hound dogs. Dolly doesn’t seem to be a fan of living with other dogs or cat, but she thinks that at her age she can be a little picky. We can always do a meet-and-greet if you have other dogs in your home already. Call HES and make an appointment to come meet our sweet Dolly!



Maxium 44131634

When you first meet Maxium, she may be curled up in her pillowy cat bed and seem shy. While she is shy, she is also sweet. Just introduce yourself to her slowly and she’ll let you pet her. She actually really enjoys being gently petted. Maxium will “make biscuits” with her paws when she is happy and content. It really is just adorable. Maxium is about a year old and is a petite girl. She’s the perfect cat to snuggle up with while reading or watching television. Give HES a call today to make an appointment to meet this little sweetheart!

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