Wet Nose Wednesday

Wet Nose Wednesday



Nova 44193347

Nova is a mild-mannered, loving girl. She’s probably around 3 years old and is a Shepherd mix. You may recognize her from our Facebook Live story time post yesterday (if not, you should go check it out)! Nova is gentle and enjoys lots of snuggles and pets. While she’s usually pretty chill, Nova does have her spunky side. She enjoys getting out to play with her doggy pals and going for walks with her people. We’re sure if you meet her, you’ll fall in love. Make an appointment to come see (and fall in love with) Nova for yourself!



Cecil 44083640

Cecil is 100% fun and full of personality. He’s 3 years old but he doesn’t look it. He is such a petite little guy, you will think he’s much younger. Cecil doesn’t mind being picked up, carried around, and snuggled. What he really wants, though, is to play. You can play with him or just give him a toy and watch him entertain himself. Either way, he’s adorable and fun to watch. He’s also super cute and just the right amount of fluffy. Give the shelter a call and make an appointment to come meet this cute, sweet kitty today!

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