Wet Nose Wednesday

Wet Nose Wednesday



Dreamboat 44103162

Dreamboat lives up to his name. He is a dreamboat of a cat. Not only is he a handsome boy, he’s also quite charming. When you meet him, he’ll seem shy so just give him some gentle pets and he’ll soon be nudging your hand for more. He’s soft and gentle. Dreamboat is such a sweetheart with both people and other cats, he’ll probably love to have some feline friends in his new home. Dreamboat is about 2 years old, which is perfect if you want a young cat but not a kitten. Give the shelter a call at 624-5302 to make your appointment to adopt this wonderful kitty.



Tiny 44238919

Tiny is a sweet gal with a great smile. She isn’t actually tiny; she weighs 50 pounds, but she does look smaller in her photos. Tiny started out a bit shy at the shelter, but she’s blossomed into an outgoing girl. She enjoys being with people, especially when they are giving her lots of attention or taking her for walks. Sometimes she’ll even roll over for belly rubs. Tiny really likes to play chase with other dogs, so we don’t think she will be a good match for you if you have small dogs or cats. She did have a doggy friend here she played with, but he got adopted. If you have another dog at home, we can do a meet-and-greet to see if everyone can be pals. Tiny is around 5 years old, so she’s the perfect age if you’re looking for a dog who is a bit more mature. Call the shelter at 624-5302 to make an appointment to meet her.

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