Wet Nose Wednesday



Louie 44206176

Louie is a big, goofy sweetheart. Since he’s a Lab mix and only a year old, he is playful and has lots of energy. Louie loves to get out of his kennel to go for runs, walks, and to play with the other dogs. He has several doggy pals in play group where he has a blast running full speed so the other dogs can chase him. We bet he would be a great companion for someone who likes to jog or run. He does need to learn a few manners so he can reign in his excitement, but he’s a smart boy and very teachable. Call the shelter today to make an appointment to meet Louie!



Sandy 44318063

Sandy is a quiet girl looking for the right adopter. With just a little love, it won’t take long at all for this fluffy feline to come out of her shell. She may have had a difficult life up until now, but that doesn’t stop her from letting us love her. She was shy when we first met her, but it wasn’t long before started making biscuits and rolling around happily for more pets. She has lived with several other cats and may enjoy making kitty friends in her forever home, but a slow introduction will be best for her. Sandy is so beautiful and sweet, that you’ll fall in in love at first sight. Call today and make your appointment to adopt her.

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