Wet Nose Wednesday

Wet Nose Wednesday



Miller 44221950

Meet Miller! He’s a 10-month-old Shepherd/Retriever mix with a big personality. Miller is spunky. He loves to get out and play, play, play! He enjoys a good game of fetch and he likes to get out to run with other dogs in play group. He is a bit overzealous in play sometimes, which means not all other dogs appreciate his play style. Miller is still learning his puppy manners, so he’ll need someone who is willing to help him out with that. He’s super smart and wants to be your best pal, so he’s totally trainable. If you adopt him, he’s sure to be your best friend forever. Call and make your appointment to adopt him today!



Calypso 44068478

Calypso is a 3-year-old white and grey tabby. She recently weaned her litter of kittens, and she’s now ready and waiting for her forever home. Calypso’s foster mom said she is quite the doll. She’s good for nail trims and might even let you hold her like a baby as long as you give her nice chin scratches. Some of her favorite activities include communal naps, food, and chasing the little red laser pointer light. Her most favorite thing might just be hanging around her people. If you want a gorgeous and self-assured kitty to keep you company while you read or binge Netflix, Calypso is your girl!

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