Wet Nose Wednesday




Peanut!! You are adorable and when I talked to you, you answered me back. Meow meow shy little
Peanut. Peanut would be a super kitty companion. He LOVESSSS being petted and loved all over. He has
no clue how to ask people for this, you just have to show him. He’s an oddball, adorable, quirky man….in
The BEST way!! I often find him hiding under a blanket and when I pull it back he looks up as if to say
“Yipeeee, thank goodness you found me!” Then I’ll sit down, he’ll sit next to me and he can’t get enough
petting allll over. Such a silly little drama queen.


Luna is an almost 1 year old greyhound mix. She is a very sweet dog and does well with children and
other dogs her size or bigger. We do assessment tests on all the dogs that come into the shelter to help us
understand their behavior and to help place them in the right home. We test their food and treat reactivity,
body handling, toy reactivity, and how they do with other dogs. Luna passed her assessment with flying
colors. She even handles shots like a champ. Luna has currently started play groups in which she is
involved with multiple dogs at one time and is having a blast. Luna would not do well with smaller dogs
and no cats.