Wet Nose Wednesday featuring Cade and Poppyseed

Chattanooga, TN:

Cade 32239
Cade is one handsome guy. With his curled tail and pointy ears, we think he’s probably a Husky mix. Cade is very affectionate and is always making friends with people he meets. He has also made lots of friends with the other dogs in playgroups. He’s about two years old, so he’s got plenty of spunk for playing and going for walks, but he’s also old enough to be calm and relaxed when playtime is over. He’s just the right mix of energetic and sweet for just about anyone.
Poppyseed 35471
All cat lovers know a cat like Poppyseed. You know, the kind that rules the house. She has no problem getting in your personal space, but she isn’t quite so tolerant when you get in hers. She wants to be petted when she wants but will give your hand a firm smack if you pet for too long or when she isn’t interested. She needs to be your one and only cat because she has a definite and sincere dislike of other felines. If you have an affinity for cats who believe they are creatures to be cherished, Poppyseed might just be your soulmate.

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