What do you get when you mix dogs and poop?

In honor of Wet Nose Wednesday, we’d like to share how dogs are saving lives in more ways that you may know. You know how they like to sniff behinds, right? Well researchers are finding out they can harness that drive to help detect colon cancer…in humans.

In one study a few years ago a lab correctly identified colon cancer in 97 percent of the poop samples he was given to sniff. Researchers are expanding the sample size to 2,000 and giving a larger group of dogs the chance to participate. Talk about a poop party! Their help would be a lot cheaper and easier than forcing people to get a colonoscopy, though.

And with an uptick in younger people being diagnosed with colon cancer, dogs could end up saving a lot of lives. Being useful is just a side benefit, though. Their unconditional love is the best part.

Get your behind to the Humane Educational Society today!

James and Marta