Yum…Halloween Candy!

Hi it’s Patti Sanders. I might as well confess right here and now that I am selfish when it comes to buying Halloween candy. As the Mom (and the candy buyer in the family), I DO tend to go with chocolate for Halloween candy. I’m not a fan of the sour stuff, but I know the kids in the neighborhood probably like it so I do buy a little bit of the squirmy worms or sour tarts. And at our house, my husband and I take all the candy out of the bag and put it in a big bowl…two weeks before Halloween! So of COURSE half of it is gone before the big night.. What do I do? Yep, I go out and buy more. What is YOUR favorite Halloween candy to buy? Let me hear from you, and have a great day.  psanders@wdefradio.com  @PattiSanders923

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