Wet Nose Wednesday!


Lola 40579908

Lola is a sweet senior. At 10 years old, she’s just perfect for taking relaxing walks through the neighborhood or snuggling on the couch with you. Lola enjoys being petted and has a lovely little smile whenever she’s getting attention. Lola is polite when she meets other dogs out for walks, but she doesn’t like sharing her home with them. She’ll need to be your one-and-only 4-legged love. She’s got plenty of love to give, so come adopt her today!

Onyx Babe 39426219

Onyx Babe is one cool cat! He’s a 5.5-year-old with unique smoky black hair. Onyx Babe is the kind of guy who just wants to hang out and relax with his people and his feline homies. He may just be the most Zen cat around. If you’re looking for a kitty companion who will help you be relaxed and centered, come adopt Onyx Babe.

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