Wet Nose Wednesday

Delaney 45170914
Isn’t Delaney just an adorable, fluffy girl? Don’t you just want to take her home today and love her? Delaney would love to find her forever family and get out of the shelter. She’s still a young gal, around 8 months old. She is sweet and outgoing with people, but she kind of has to be since she’s so fluffy that everyone wants to pet her. We’re not quite sure how she feels about other cats just yet, but she seems to be the independent type who doesn’t like to snuggle up with other felines.
Harrison 45365664
Harrison is just a little cutie-pie! Just check out that happy grin and tell us you aren’t already in love! Harrison is around 11 months old and weighs under 25 pounds, so he may be the perfect fit for someone in an apartment. This guy really likes to go out for walks, but he likes going to play group with his doggy pals even more. You should see him run and play. Since he’s a little guy, he would probably prefer a home without small children. If Harrison sounds like a good fit for you, give the shelter a call today!
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