Wet Nose Wednesday

Sunny 92.3 and the and the Kidney Foundation invite you to experience Taste of Chattanooga on April 6th at Stratton Hall. Come enjoy an evening of unlimited food samplings from top area restaurants, a large silent auction, great entertainment and more. Proceeds benefit the Kidney Foundation of Greater Chattanooga. For more information click here¬†  
Mags A-6592
Mags is one super-cute Pit mix. She’s about 5 years old, but you wouldn’t know it judging from how playful and bouncy she is. When Mags gets to be with her favorite people or do her favorite things, she can’t stop wiggling and wagging. She likes going for walks, getting out in the play yard to chase balls and other toys, and settling in for some nice snuggles with the volunteers and staff. Mags is not really great with other dogs, so we recommend a home without other pets. If you are looking to adopt and think a dog who will keep you laughing and entertained sounds perfect, make your appointment to meet Mags!
Coal A-24004
Who’s the sweetest baby and just a bit shy . . . Coal! Who is a super, duper kitty companion . . . Coal is! Who will hide in a corner and wait for you to find him and pick him up, and tease him with belly rubs and scratching all over and roll around . . . Coal will!  He will sit and even hide in a corner and not move, but if you show him the slightest affection, he’ll chat you up and roly-poly all around. Coal is just right around 1.5 years old, handsome, and ready for his forever home. Come adopt him today!
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