Don’t Like Paper Straws? Try Using Candy as a Straw Instead


There are very valid reasons why plastic straws are on the way out and paper straws are on the way in. But let’s keep it straight: Paper straws aren’t as good. They get soggy. They feel weird on your lips. They’re not as good.

So if you’re not into carrying metal straws with you everywhere you go . . . since metal straws aren’t for everyone . . . maybe you’ll like this.

According to someone on the Life Hacks subreddit in Reddit, we should swap out straws for . . . CANDY.

If you bite the ends off a Twizzler or Red Vine, you can drink your drink through it . . . and give your drink a little bit of extra flavor, too. Plus the candy will hold up way better than a paper straw.

Sure, you’re also taking in some sugar and you’ve got to remember to bring licorice with you to restaurants . . . but that’s a small price to pay for something so delicious.

And then, when you’re done drinking with your Twizzler straw, you can eat it. You’re welcome.