Adam Lambert Loves Being In Service To Queen’s Music

Queen + Adam Lambert Eyeing North American Dates

Nearly a decade after stepping into to the shoes of the late, great Freddie Mercury, current Queen frontman Adam Lambert remains thrilled at helping bring this music to life.

Lambert, who joined forces with Brian May and Roger Taylor back in 2014, told USA Today: “Being with Brian and Roger on stage, these are rock legends. They light up when the lights come up; they get to perform these songs they embedded in pop culture and get to bask in the legacy that they’ve created, and I love being of service to that. I love being able to make that possible that’s a real treat.”

Lambert, who also has his own pop-based solo career, added that Queen’s concerts remain powerful: “Audiences are elated when they leave; they love the show, and that’s what keeps me going is the joy that it brings people. You look out there, and you’re like, we’re doing something right; people are having a great time.”

With Queen and Lambert proving to be a global success in every market they hit, thrilling fans — and even the most hard-nosed critics — we asked drummer Roger Taylor if some studio work between Queen and Adam Lambert is a possibility: “I would hope it would, actually. I think it would be a very interesting experiment, y’know, just to go in and see what came out. I don’t know if it would be an album, or anything. I think it’s too good a marriage to just let it go at touring. I’m sure we’ll do something”

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