Adele Reveals James Corden Influenced ‘I Drink Wine’

Adele Addresses Rich Paul Rumors, Reportedly Ends Residency For Good

Adele revealed in a new Carpool Karaoke clip that a conversation with James Corden influenced the first verse of “I Drink Wine.”

She told the Late Late Show host and her real life BFF, “We’d been on vacation together with the kids, and we were on our way home and… I remember I said to you on the way home, ‘What’s wrong?’ You just seemed down.

“And you let it all out to me and… we were having, what, a six-hour conversation about it? It was like the whole way home. But it got me thinking, I felt so unsafe with you feeling unsafe… And then I went to the studio a couple of weeks later and I wrote this and I remember I sang it into my phone and I remember I sent it to you and I do remember you saying, ‘That’s exactly how I was feeling.’

Corden’s last show will air on Thursdasy (April 27th).

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