Arnold Schwarzenegger Details Open Heart Surgery That Left Him ‘Freaking Out’

Arnold Schwarzenegger Addresses Russian People On Twitter

Arnold Schwarzenegger recalled a frightening medical experience in a video shared to YouTube recently. The Terminator star explained that his doctors made a mistake while performing a non-invasive valve replacement surgery.

“I woke up and all of a sudden the doctors were in front of me saying, ‘I’m so sorry but it was unlike what we planned,'” he said. “They said we made a mistake and poked through the heart wall and had to open me up very quickly and to save my life. I was really freaking out.”

The FUBAR actor included video of himself walking the halls of the hospital with a walker to recover following the surgery. “The bottom line is, you cannot roll the clock back,” Schwarzenegger said. “It was a disaster. I was in the middle of a disaster. So now how do I get out of it? You have to shift gears. You collect yourself, shift gears and say, ‘OK, what I need to do now is I got to get out of this hospital.'”

“I looked like an idiot waddling around the hallway, but the bottom line was the doctor said you have to exercise your lungs because if you get pneumonia you can die,” he added. “We did it, because I had a positive attitude … Three months later I started shooting Terminator 6.”

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