Bam Margera Threatens To Smoke Crack Until He’s Dead If He Can’t See His Son

Bam Margera Was Pronounced Dead During December Hospitalization
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Bam Margera is threatening to smoke crack until he’s dead or until he is allowed to see his son, Phoenix.

According to TMZ, the Jackass alum announced that Nikki Boyd Margera hasn’t allowed him to see his son in two months and said, “I cry every day. I miss him so much, and I know that I have to wake up every day knowing that I probably won’t get to talk to him or see him, so yes, Nikki drives me to f***ing drink.”

He added, “I’m going to smoke crack with the bums down at the boardwalk until I’m dead unless you deliver me f***ing Phoenix. Get to work, Nikki or anybody who wants to help. I want Phoenix.”

Nikki’s attorney, David Glass, told the outlet, “Unfortunately, that’s not how the addictions work. People’s behavior does not drive others to drink. This is a typical defense mechanism, and it shows that Bam may not have learned much in his past addiction’s treatment. You have to take responsibility for your own actions. Nikki sincerely hopes that Bam can first achieve and then maintain sobriety, for his own good, and for the good of their son.”

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