Barry Gibb Recalls Finding Out About Robin’s Cancer

The Bee GeesBarry Gibb revealed that he needed to consult with his own doctor to find out his brother and bandmate Robin Gibb was terminal. Robin Gibb died of kidney failure at the age of 62 on May 20th, 2012 after battling colon and liver cancer.

Barry, the last surviving Gibb brother, appeared on the The Carson Podcast and recalled discovering how sick his brother actually was: “I went to England to see Robin to find out what was going on because I had to ask my doctor what was wrong with Rob, ’cause I didn’t know. Maybe other people knew — but I had no knowledge of it except that he was not happy (laughs), y’know? And he didn’t look well. So, y’know, I had to show my doctor a picture of Robin and say, ‘What’s going on here?’ And he said, ‘Well, it’s cancer and it’s probably three-to-six months and you better go see him.'”

The youngest Gibb brother, Andy Gibb, died on March 10th, 1988, just five days after his 30th birthday from an inflammatory heart virus exacerbated by years of substance abuse.

On January 12th, 2003 Maurice Gibb died at age 53 after undergoing emergency abdominal surgery in Florida.

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