Beatles News Roundup

Beatles News Roundup
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Just released is a new video for “I’m Only Sleeping,” but one of the many standouts on the BeatlesRevolver collection. The tune is featured in several versions on the album’s new “Super Deluxe Edition” box set. The new video, which features the original, newly remixed album track, was directed by Em Cooper and utilizes a swirling, computer-generated paint “dreamscape” to accompany the song.

One of the key sounds found across Revolver is Paul McCartney‘s Rickenbacker 4001 bass guitar. The Beatles’ legendary late-engineer Geoff Emerick, who helped develop the bass sound on the group’s latter day records starting with Revolver, shed light on how he recorded McCartney on bass: “Paul didn’t like reverb. And it was that one thing when I used to with his bass, y’know, as you know I used to try everything. And I thought, well, I’ve got to try to place his bass. . . and I used to put a little bit of the echo chamber on it, and very slightly — but he always heard it and it was only one track I ended putting reverb on his bass. Now, Paul was very conscious of reverb and I don’t know why.”


George Harrison‘s widow, Olivia Harrison and director Martin Scorsese will appear together on November 19th at Manhattan’s 92nd Street to celebrate the release of Olivia’s debut book of poems, Came The Lightening: Twenty Poems For George. According to the announcement: “On the 20th anniversary of George Harrison’s passing, Harrison and Scorsese candidly discuss the incandescent life behind George’s songs, as they did in Scorsese’s 2011 documentary George Harrison: Living In The Material World. Hear them delve into the intimate stories of grief and sustained emotional connection told through Olivia’s deeply moving poems, Scorsese’s longtime fascination with George’s music, and much more.” For more information, log on to:

Olivia Harrison shared most, if not all, of George’s spiritual beliefs. We asked her if George ever felt hurt by some of the negative reviews his solo work garnered due to much of it dealing with God and religion: “I don’t know. I don’t think he cared. He wrote what he felt, what he wanted to write. And recently I heard an interview (and) he said, ‘Y’know, sometimes you mention God, or you mention the word ‘Lord’ and it makes people’s hair curl.’ And he said, ‘Maybe I served some useful purpose (laughs).'”

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