Beyonce And Kelly Rowland Are Building Homes For Homeless In Houston

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Beyonce and Kelly Rowland are joining forces to build 31 permanent housing units in their hometown of Houston. According to Chron, the project will reportedly be made possible by way of $7.2 million in American Rescue Plan funds. The development will reportedly have an “even bigger launch” in September when Beyonce is in Houston for her Renaissance World Tour.

One of the stakeholders, Judge Lina Hidalso said in a statement,”Harris County and the city of Houston, jointly with the coalition for the homeless, have reduced homeless in the middle of the pandemic by 20 percent, and we’ve been able to hold that reduction. We just did the homeless count again, so it’s initiatives like this one I certainly will be supportive of it no matter whose behind it, but it’s especially interesting, I think, because there are these names of Beyonce and Kelly Rowland, who, of course, have been supportive of the community for a very long time.”

The ground breaking will reportedly take place in October and will cost about $8.4 million to complete.

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