Billie Eilish Stops Concert To Help Struggling Fan

Billie Eilish stopped performing at her show in Atlanta, Georgia Saturday (Feb. 5th) night to help a fan who was having trouble breathing.

Footage taken by a fan named Danna Macias and shared with E! News showed the “Bad Guy” singer stopping the show to ask her team to find an inhaler for the struggling concertgoer.

Macias told the outlet, “They helped her out of general admission and made sure she was okay. After that, Billie noticed people were struggling, so she asked everyone to take a step back and make room for everyone. Suddenly people started asking for an inhaler, another girl was struggling to breathe. Billie stopped everything!”

Eilish can also be heard throwing shade at Travis Scott in another clip posted by TMZ where she says, “I wait for people to be OK before I keep going.”

The performance at the State Farm Arena was Eilish’s second stop on her Happier Than Ever World Tour.

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