Billy Joel Colored Vinyl Reissues Coming Friday

In celebration of his 50th anniversary as a recording artist, Billy Joel is offering new color editions of his albums exclusively at Walmart, starting February 18th. Six of Billy’s legendary sets are being reissued — Piano Man (tan swirl), The Stranger (Grey Swirl), 52nd Street (Blue Swirl), Glass Houses (Sky Blue), An Innocent Man (Custard), and Storm Front (Red). Each album is packaged with its own exclusive 12-by-12 photo insert.

Billy’s 1983 classic, An Innocent Man, is being reissued in custard in the new vinyl series. He recalled that at the time, the circumstances in his romantic life actually made him feel like he was a teenager again: “I’d gotten divorced and I started dating these different women. I was going out with models. . . I was a rock star. A single guy, who was a rock star. I was, like, amazed at my good fortune at the time. I started dating Christie Brinkley at the time, too. And started writing songs about these experiences. . . I kinda felt like a teenager all over again. And you don’t fight that, when you’re gonna write — you write what you’re feeling, and I didn’t fight it. The material was coming so easily and so quickly, and I was having so much fun doing it — I was kind of reliving my youth.”

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