Billy Joel Sheds Light On 50-Pound Loss

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Billy Joel fans couldn’t help but notice the “Piano Man” returned from the lockdown looking extremely svelte — and undoubtedly the leanest he’d been in the past two decades.

While promoting his upcoming shows Down Under, Billy appeared on Australia’s 60 Minutes and revealed how he shaved off a whopping 50 lbs., joking: “Anyone who needs to go on a diet should have back surgery. I highly recommend it. I had to have hip replacement, too. My hips were shot and the pain makes you stoic. It also makes you lose your appetite — but it’s a good way to lose weight. Now, over this pandemic, a lot of people I know gained weight because they were doin’ nothin’ but sittin’ around at home and packin’ it in. And I. . . (laughs) So I say, ‘Well, I see you’ve found what I’ve lost.'”

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