Britney Spears ‘Has No Purpose’ Without Her Kids, Hopes Her Own Parents ‘Burn In Hell’

Britney Spears Pulled Over For Speeding

Britney Spears continues to struggle with her children’s estrangement.

The pop star shared a voice note on Instagram Saturday (September 10th), where she reminded people that she was the boys’ primary guardian until they were nine.

She said, “Since they’ve been gone, I’ve honestly felt like a huge part of me has died. Like literally, I have no purpose anymore.”

Spears continued, “Honestly, I don’t understand how it’s just so easy for them just to cut me off like that. I don’t understand it.”

The “Toxic” singer followed up with a separate post Sunday (September 11th) where she addressed the fractured relationship with her own parents. In the caption, she stated, “I pray you both burn in hell.”

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