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ROSARIO DAWSON AND CORY BOOKER BREAK UP: After two years together, Dopesick actress Rosario Dawson and New Jersey lawmaker Cory Booker have decided to go their separate ways. According to People, a source close to Booker said that the pair remain good friends.

ISSA RAE IS THE FIRST PERSON TO RECEIVE THE KEY TO INGLEWOOD: Insecure creator Issa Rae was given the key to the city of Inglewood on Saturday (February 12th), shortly after her Insecure character received the same honor onscreen. People reports that Mayor James T. Butts presented the key to Rae and called her “the queen of Inglewood,” at the Taste of Inglewood festival, which was held across the street from the SoFi stadium, where Super Bowl LVI was held on Sunday (February 13th). In her acceptance speech, Rae said, “I’m a little emotional, I’m trying to be a thug right now. The mayor really flabbergasted me in that this is the first key in 114 years. It’s a huge honor and I just want to thank you all so much for your support. Thank you to the mayor, thank you to the city of Inglewood for making it so easy for us to film here, for helping us to showcase this city that I love so much.”

NEW ORLEANS RESIDENTS SEEK ANSWERS FROM BRAD PITT ABOUT DEFECTIVE HOMES: Page Six reports that Hurricane Katrina survivors who bought homes from Brad Pitt and his Make It Right Foundation have found their homes defective. An attorney for these residents, Ron Austin, said in a recent interview, “They believed in Brad Pitt. They believed in the dream he sold them … Unfortunately, what they got is a bunch of broken promises… living in rotten houses that should be torn down to the ground and started over.” Pitt helped raise millions of dollars to build affordable, environmentally friendly homes for residents of the Lower Ninth Ward who lost everything in Hurricane Katrina. However, the $150,000 homes weren’t built for the weather in New Orleans, and now residents are left to deal with issues like toxic mold and termites.

KATHY GRIFFIN GOES SKINNY DIPPING TO CELEBRATE BEING CANCER-FREE: On Saturday (February 12th), comedian Kathy Griffin posted a video of herself skinny dipping to Twitter. “6 month lung cancer scan is CLEAN!!! No more #cancer. And yes, i’m skinny dipping in the pool while shaking my boobs and butt. SO WHAT?” she wrote. People reports that Griffin revealed her lung cancer diagnosis on Jimmy Kimmel Live in August 2021, following a successful surgery. In November 2021, Griffin appeared on the show again to say that she’s cancer-free. “I had surgery, you’re not going to believe this — so, I’ve never smoked but I got lung cancer. In August, I had half of my left lung removed. I’m not even kidding,” she said.

TOBEY MAGUIRE AND LEONARDO DICAPRIO SHARE A NIGHT ON THE TOWN: According to Page Six, Tobey Maguire was looking for love in Hollywood on Thursday night (February 10th) with his longtime friend, Leonardo DiCaprio. A source told the outlet that The Great Gatsby actors arrived at a club around 10:30pm. “It was very clear that Tobey was on the prowl and Leo was his wingman. Leo introduced Tobey to three different blondes.” However, the source said that Maguire didn’t seem to have any luck, and the two left within a couple of hours. “Even with Leo’s help, Tobey couldn’t land a girl. None of them seemed interested when introduced.”

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