Chrissie Hynde ‘Completely Dumping’ Pretenders Hits In Concerts

Chrissie Hynde says she no longer will perform Pretenders hits in concert. Hynde, who’s been busy recording covers projects over the past few years — including a Bob Dylan tribute set, posted the news on Facebook.

While taking time out to promote Pretenders guitarist James Walbourne‘s side project, His Lordship, she hipped fans on what to expect from any and all future gigs, posting: “I’m completely dumping any sort of Greatest Hits set for now on. I never wanted to go there in the first place but was trying to keep myself alive and pay the bills. And yes, I know that’s no reason to be in a rock band. (I was just too scared to go back to waitressing.) But those greatest hits / ballads days are now behind me.”

Hynde went on to write, “If anyone wants to come and see me in the future it’s going to be punk rock/no hits.”

Chrissie Hynde told us that although rock n’ roll is an incredibly important part of her life, being a full-time mother helps her keep things in perspective: “This is, like, my hobby. I mean, I take it seriously and everything, but y’know, I just feel like a guy that goes out on the weekends to watch birds, y’know? Take my binoculars away, y’know, and it would break my heart. Y’know, I think a hobby is real important to people, if it’s the thing you love the most. It can’t take over your life. And I don’t want to be glib about it, y’know? I think this is fantastic, and I make my living out of it, and it’s my life’s work and everything, y’know? But I have to keep it in perspective, ’cause I’ve got. . . y’know, I’m like a responsible mother and stuff.”

2020 saw the release of the Pretenders’ most recent album, the critically acclaimed Hate For Sale.

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