Dave Davies Sheds Light On The Kinks’ Creative Process

The Kinks Unveiling Part One Of ‘the Journey’ Next Month
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Newly released is the Kinks‘ compilation The Journey – Part 1, the first of a two-part anthology set in celebration of the group’s 60th anniversary. Part 1 features such classics as “You Really Got Me,” “All Day And All Of The Night,” “Tired Of Waiting For You,” “Waterloo Sunset,” “Celluloid Heroes,” and many more. The details for when Part 2 will drop and its tracklist are still TBA.

We caught up with Dave Davies and he spoke about the material featured on the new compilation and how he, brother Ray Davies and the rest of the band always broke a sweat in the studio when creating their slew of instant classics: “After a few years you get really used to the idea that the record company want an album. We have ideas and Ray’s writing great stuff — and it’s work, in a way. You get used to it — ‘Oh, we’ll get together and rehearse new songs that Ray’s got and some more I’ve put together.’ It’s a process and it can be painful. A lot of shouting goes on but when I look back it’s unbelievable.”

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